Journal Writing Tip: Give Your Journal An Identity

Journal Writing Tip: Printable Journal Name Badge (Journal Writing Ideas)

A good way to push yourself past the fear of the blank page is to read journaling prompts as if they are questions being asked of you by a journalist or TV talk show presenter. It turns your journal writing into more of a conversation and also prevents you from using brief one-word answers; after all you wouldn’t give Oprah Winfrey a one-word answer would you? It also helps you write more because it feels like someone is actually listening to your words.

Give your journal a name to address it by or you could pretend you are writing to a friend, a family member, a historical figure, a fictional character, a celebrity or business personality you admire or even to your higher-self or higher being of your choice. Anyone or anything that helps you open up.

Another way to ensure you gain the most possible benefit from your practice is to aim to fill an entire page in your journal per prompt. This will prevent you giving short answers and increase the likelihood of the prompt sparking an idea or memory. It also creates a much more interesting keepsake.

Thanks a million & happy journaling, Rossi.

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