The Selfie Journal: A photo journal of 101 Selfies to take and collect

The Selfie Journal - A Photo Journal Of 101 Selfies To Take And Collect - Rossi Fox

Do you love taking selfies?

Has it been less than 24 hours since your last selfie?
Do you find it difficult to resist taking a quick selfie in “good light”?
Does your duck pout get stronger as you lift your selfie stick higher?

If so this journal is for you.

Instead of toning down your selfie loving ways, own it and take your selfie-ing up a level. Complete the 101 selfie photo prompts challenge to create a unique keepsake photo journal of your gorgeous self. That’s right these selfies won’t be trapped online or in your phone forever, they will be released into the real world and collected in all of their glossy glory.

The Selfie Journal - A photo journal of 101 selfies to take and collect (I love my Selfie) - Rossi Fox copy/

Perhaps you are “selfie-shy” and the thought of sharing pictures of yourself online (or even just with yourself) makes you feel uncomfortable. You could use The Selfie Journal as a tool to gradually grow to make friends with your self-image at your own pace in total privacy, taking it step by step, selfie by selfie.

So are you ready to have some creative fun whilst making and recording memories by taking selfies? Let’s get selfie-ing…

The Selfie Journal - A Photo Journal of 101 Selfies to Take and Collect - Rossi Fox

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10% of author’s proceeds from The Selfie Journal
are donated to The Make-A-Wish Foundation