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Download A5 Intentions Printable: February 2015  

Size: A5 210x148mm. Print & write out any intentions you want to set for the month ahead. You can then keep your intentions/goals inside your journal/planner or place them somewhere you will see them often, such as on a memo board, on the fridge door or by your computer, etc. Updated at the end of each month. Enjoy.

2015 New Year’s Intentions Printable

2015 New Year Intentions printable
The A5 printable above is for you to print out and set any personal practices you want to cultivate in 2015 and to list some things you want to do and experience this year. I prefer to use the term intentions over resolutions/goals/habits because I like to think of an intention as a goal which is backed with the magic of a wish.

Download: 2015 New Year’s Intentions Printable (A5 210x148mm)

To begin you could simply spend some time out with your journal answering the question:

 What do I want from my 2015?

Don’t censor your responses, just write freely whatever comes to mind. Then start selecting the answers that speak to you most and move them over to the print out.

Remember to try and be gentle with yourself and if you can’t be, try imagining you are setting them for someone else. For example you wouldn’t enforce another person to never eat chocolate for a whole year, so why set yourself up for a fall like that? Also allow for some flexibility within your intentions.

Best of luck with your intentions and I wish you a wonderful 2015,

A few of my own intentions for 2015 are to…

Bank like a Babylonian. Inspired by the book The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason, I am going to save 5-10% of my monthly income in 2015.

Show up on the yoga mat. To challenge myself with new yoga poses and to focus on gaining flexibility. To be able to touch my toes without bending my knees by next January (or at least get closer to my ankles).

Continue getting my Dancing Om on. To practice 15-30 minutes of daily moving meditation. To simply dance/sway/shimmy/bounce anyway I feel like (out of view of others) to music in a darkened room with my eyes closed. Something I started late 2014 and I get much more out of it than a sitting silent meditation practice, I find it much easier to lose myself in the space between thoughts when my body is moving and listening to music. Cardio + meditation in one practice.

Eat mindfully. To eat only when I am hungry and not out of boredom or routine.  To not restrict my food choices but instead to eat everything in moderation.

Filter the unnecessary. Declutter the unused and treasure the useful and the lovely.

Happy New Year

What could you start doing this year that your future self would thank you for?

What could you start doing this year that your future self would thank you for?

Happy New Year!
May your 2015 be filled with good health, wealth and happiness.

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